Zanzibar Palace Hotel is an exclusive award-winning boutique hotel, strategically located right in the heart of Stone Town; vehicles can stop in front of the door and within walking distance of all the main sightings, however just a little bit out of the way to maintain tranquility. The hotel is independently owned and daily under Dutch management, guaranteeing personalized service of the highest level.

The tall thin building wraps itself around an atrium, with just three rooms on each of its three floors. In the nine rooms hotel Zanzibar's rich history is integrated using Arabian, Indian and English designs. All the furniture is of very high quality and carefully selected to give the hotel a wonderfully traditional and antique feel. Each room features its own unique decor, with many local originating antique pieces of furniture, magical beds, Persian rugs and colourful silks; creating an Arabian night’s atmosphere.

Combined with a wide range of modern facilities of current life, Zanzibar Palace Hotel is a relaxing and charming place to unwind, and an ideal base from which to explore and experience all the beauties of this magical town and Island. Let us serve you in our “hidden gem” and make you feel very special in a unique hotel!

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