Hotel Lay-out Start Ground Floor First floor Second floor Third floor Third floor plus Sherali Arabica Dunia

The Palace Suite Sherali (67 m2, located on the third floor) was named as a tribute to a friend who guided and assisted us in realising our project.

The spacious suite is elegantly decorated in Victorian style. Large wooden sliding panels (with glass), surround the room and give a view of the ocean and picturesque Stone Town. Cooled by the sea breeze on the day and cooled by air-conditioning during the nights. The large suite with antique Zanzibar furniture has a double bed, cushion lounge and divan. The romantic bathtub in the suite forces you to relax. Further a semi-open bathroom (22 m2) with shower, double washing basin, make-up table, double wardrobe and separate toilet.

A dream of beauty, luxury and comfort makes it a wonderful place to stay.